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The Company

iKen exists since 20th of September, 2011. iKen is a company that provides a fun, creative and unconventional design for today’s businesses. iKen wants to focus on customer satisfaction thru making sure work is enjoyable and achievable. In the iKen’s menu, ideas and concepts are the main course to the success of marketing which ingredient is based on market analysis, goals and the beneficiary to community. iKen is equipped with experienced sales warrior, marketing salesman and friendly+caring designers to provide support to our business partner out in the battlefield. Beside core of designing, iKen also does printing with a full capacity comprise of digital, offset and large format printing. iKen would want to grow with our business partner, aiming for long term relationship and stay competitive.

iKen is an open concept studio that has a team of experts. It consists of market analyst, sales manager, product development executive, creative directors, graphic designers, web programmers and copy writers.

 iKen provides 3D conceptualization for floor display, booth, shelving, storage and packaging solutions.

 iKen workflow is controlled and transparent. Customers know how we charge and time structure jobs. Jobs are easily transferable to any staff from iKen.

 iKen keep design jobs at an affordable rate, at the same time keeping its standard. It teaches student in art schools and recruits the best for jobs. Some of the fresh and interesting works are from these students whose aim for exposure and passion.

 iKen printing cost is reasonable and affordable just like the market rate.